6 ways spring cleaning can impact your life

Feeling like you need a little refreshing after a long, drawn out winter? It's time to crack those windows open, let the fresh air in, and get started on some spring cleaning!

We all know how it goes - we spend months hibernating from the cold winter weather and in turn, things pile up around the house and start to feel a little out of control. Once the sun starts to shine and birds start to chirp, we really start to notice the state of our houses and how desperately they need a deep clean. We have seen so many positive effects after taking some time to clear out the unnecessary in our lives – here are the improvements we've noticed!

1. Crisp mental clarity

After deep cleaning our shelves and donating what does not serve us anymore, we realized we were able to actually relax in our home and not focus on the excess. Rather than staring at the stack of books you've been meaning to get rid of, you can actually enjoy the painting on the wall you love so much.

2. Much more energy

With less material objects weighing us down, our team discovered we had more energy after our big spring cleaning. We found that every morning we would wake up feeling excited for the day and ready to tackle whatever came our way. A simple reward for simple cleaning you can easily do once or twice a year. There's nothing holding us back now!

3. Contributing to community

Although we don't recommend buying objects that don't serve a purpose, we also understand the value of giving to others who may not be as privileged as you. When decluttering your home or office, it is important to remember to donate to organizations that are striving to better our community. Through simple acts we can help those in need.

4. Big dinner parties!

You better believe that you will feel more confident in your home after a spring cleaning, and this will be a great time to host your favorite people! Also, with less stuff you will be able to have more people in your space. We spend so much time worrying about what others will think of our home, but it's time to embrace the work you've put in and show it off.

5. Overall positivity & optimism

When tasked with parting with the items we thought we needed for so long, we came to understand that after we donated the items, we felt lighter and more optimistic. This feeling of lightness is noticeable when you are spending time with others and may inspire them to do their own spring cleaning. It's your time to be the fearless leader we all need.

6. Catalyst for change

Once you start with a simple change in your life (such as a spring cleaning), you realize that you are capable of bigger changes in all areas of your life! Spring cleaning can be the catalyst of office cleanings, car cleanings, and even greater life changes you could not imagine. Take this opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what you are capable of!

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