The perfect gift guide for every holiday

It can be tough to know what to gift others, especially when you want it to be something they will have for a long time. We have all received gifts that we haven't necessarily liked and then have gone on to re-gift them to a distant relative. The place to start with gift-giving is tuning into what the other person needs or what they wouldn't necessarily buy themselves. It doesn't have to be big – even a simple act of kindness can be enough!

We like to give handcrafted goods since usually they are local – so while you are giving a gift you are also supporting a local business. These types of gifts can be found at your local shops or at markets that have various vendors! Anyone will appreciate a handmade gift, as each item is unique in itself and possess minor flaws that make it special.

Neutral colors are always safe and since they go with everything, your gift will transcend any decorative restrictions! Some may think that neutral colors are bland and blend in, but they are actually known to compliment whatever object they are around and ultimately pull your decor together perfectly. Maybe consider a cozy wool taupe throw blanket or a matte, grey ceramic vase that can be used with fresh or dried flowers!

We've been loving smoked glass lately, especially when the sun is sitting at the right angle and casts gorgeous shadows. Check out what we offer for smokey glass here – we have great options for water glasses, or even a water pitcher! Although more of a statement piece, you can feel confident giving them as a gift as these vessels are timeless and stylish.

If you are leaning towards less of a object and more of an experience, check out your local food scene and maybe grab a bite at a yummy local business – maybe even pair it with a cocktail after your meal? You can even see what your geography has to offer and you can go for a beautiful hike. Either way, quality time is a wonderful gift that can be very underrated.

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